Flying Inspirations for True Dreamers

Hi performer, how is going? 
I am getting stiff under the magic of winter as my thirties are progressing nicely, making me wise and my body experienced 🙂
A part from that, let’s immerse into the article, starting from HERE:

"In order to fly, first you must be willing to let go"

Christopher Harrison,
founder of Antigravity®, a fusion discipline – aimed at non-performers as well (but we are going to talk about it later on).

Would you like to fly? Would you like to give substance to your creativity ad free your expression? The good news is that you can do it, provided that you decide to let go of what no longer is needed. SO, getting back to us: I tell you the first time where I let go!

p.s this flying creature is  Paola Miretta, my Antigravity teacher (she is promoting a wonderful concept of movement, right here, in Italy, with her Fitness Boutique)

When the Universe knocked me out (ouch!)

Milan, July 2008, pit stains are increasing day by day. After an year spent among school, stage, restaurant and wild nights (yes, I have eared me: “W I L D – N I G H T S “), bills, pink eyes and moving, I only wished to stop.
I deeply wished it, but I was too young to pay attention to my needs: I just wanted to “do”, “do”, “do”. The huge amount of adrenaline coursing through my body was definitely not helping me to slow down (my mind was making space to “do”, “do”, “do” only). Furthermore, I was working with people making a lot of talks about our future success (and other bull***t like that), squeezing us like lemons.
Luckily, the Universe itself has provided to knocked me out (literally).

The punch was actually a cuddle

Doctors told me I should have gone through a surgery, they said.

My cruciate ligament was broken and there were no options for me to go back performing otherwise. No job, no projects, no future (this mammoth stress of our generation).

I was simply stuck, out of the running (at least for a while) and meantime I was hardcore swearing, believing WITH MY HEAD that my life was ended and I would have died by disgust, I was not focusing at all on the wonderful gift that my life was offering to me.

(Juvlie, it does not really seem a cuddle, but a pain in the ass, instead).

Do you think so, performer?
I actually understood right here that we can turn the table on our favour, always.
Throughout those dark-horizontal days, I began to listen to myself and my feelings.

I was working in a system which was badly enslaving me (a minute of silence for the great Italian Cultural sector), which was clipping my creative wings worse than any Mc Donald’s: I was feeling terribly heavy.

My deepest wish was to gather people to share positive vibrations, inputs, emotions and laughs (oh, yes: I do love laughing).

“So” – i told myself “if I stop feeling good, how am I supposed to make others happy?

From rags to...London!

Yes! London is the place where I migrated in 2011, once I got back upstanding.
It is where I decided to experiment, to create, to learn (more).

I needed a sort of new air to get better (maybe a fresher one), I was keen to face new challenges, to express myself with my-proper-own language which was quite impossible to develop in Italy (I am native Italian).

BUT the point is not London here, in this December article. I strongly want to show you the magic light that taking breaks bring to our job. If we want to evolve (both inside and outside), we need to find a new route. How on Earth could we possibly take a run-up if we always rush (no break) forcing ourselves to suffocating compromises?

Listen to yourself, performer.
Stay true to your inner voice.

Stop, focus and cleanse (let go). Then, make new decisions because future is not going to come straight from the theatre you are working in (if in Italy, probably illegally). Future is what you choose to be.

This is the greatest gift that – oh oh – was hidden between a broken ligament and a knee as swollen as a watermelon.

Do not wait until it hurts, though.
Let’s wait for each other in the new year, instead, as the new article is going to come on January 2018.

Flying Inspirations (95% made of music)

  • Marina Abramovic has been dealing with breaks all the time, look at the trailer of The Space in Between (her last outstanding work). What do you think?
  • Enjoy your daily breaks with Relax Melodies (trust me!) <3
  • Let you imagination flows effortlessly with this magic track. 

I see you during the next Full Moon or on the Facebook, whenever you want!

PHOTO CREDITS (from high to low)
– Silvia Piazza
– nikitabuida on Freepik
– Davide Bombini

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