Performer • Tarot Reader • Storyteller


Performer • Tarot Reader • Storyteller

Hi human being 👋 it's nice to see you here!

I am Buvoland (Giulia Buvoli), an Italian performing artist, extensively active since 2005.

I consider myself a Spiritual Artist since my creative process starts from my deepest layers and it is all about healing myself and sharing the medicine with my community.

I am a change maker encouraging a collective shift from individualism to the community, from the world of abstraction to the realm of the body, from fast to slow, and from projecting to owning

As an intuitive being with an active psyche, I employ crystals, stones, incenses, and Tarot in my daily practice of spiritual connection 🌿

By healing my wounds, I transmute them into art.  The process – made of movement, singing, writing, meditation, and an active sharing with the souls I have in my cluster – always ends up with a gift of peace and joy.
The freedom of self-expression is the greatest gift I receive at any time.

Since I love sharing what makes me happy, I have created the Wellness Theatre School, a safe space where I welcome my students not only to explore and heal through their bodies but also to express themselves.

Relationships are an incredibly powerful way to grow and nourish our souls, that is why I’m thrilled to connect with every one of the students who allow me to open a channel of mutual exchange.

Since we are made of flesh and blood, we must humble our minds to honour that precious vehicle we are born into: our body.


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💓 Unconditional Love
🕉 Spiritual Evolution
🌱 Radical Care


THANKS for spending some of your precious time with me 🙏

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