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Hi creative person, Happy New Yeaaaar!
I hope that you have stepped into this 2018 in the best possible way. You might be a bit drunk (still); you maybe have no clue that a new year (full of creativity) has just begun.
Well – just in case – I have crafted a:

Survival Kit

1 ☆ get accostumed to breath

“SOUND MIND IN SOUND BODY” (Mens Sana in Corpore Sano) as Latins used to say. I tell you the same through the first two pieces of the kit.

I am not joking, seriously. We take this for granted, we (humans) are not really skilled at that.
Please, give ear to
Alexander Lowen (do you know him?), who is getting straight to the point in this video (1 minute and 19 seconds of smartness).

Do you want another taste of it? Get inspired here (another quick and valuable talk) or just surf the net about Bioenergetic Analysis…

2 ☆ release your physical tensions

Exactly! Release them onto the floor, for instance (not toward the poor people happening within your arm’s reach, during one of those terrible days). Honestly speaking, it happens to anyone, no matter how mindful you are. These times are highly stressing to anyone and we are very sensitive creatures, absorbing energies like sponges: release, do not blow up!

Whether you are considering these “too light”, I challenge you to breath and lay down every day for 15 minutes (Please write me on facebook or my personal email, because I am very curious about it: how is going?)

3 ☆ bullet journal

I have never found out who this quote belongs to, but I really really (really) love it. That is why I suggest you to create your BULLET JOURNAL not only to channel your creative energy or sort your ideas out, but also to express yourself in a different way.
This tutorial really helped me; however, if you do not like it just look for another one (the Tube is overflowing with this nice things).

4 ☆ relax and listen

When I get upset, thinking about any art/ ethic-related issue, when I really can not find a clue or figure out a possible solution, I just listen to this. I have already talked to you about Amanda Palmer : this is another thing of her. 

Swallow, digest it and make art (again)!

5 ☆ be madly multi-faceted

The last point of this kit-against-frenzy, comes directly from theatre. I hope it can inspire, warm and guide you (not only along the 2018!).

Here we are, wonderful reader!


PHOTO CREDITS (from high to low)
– Marcella Genovese
– Danila Calvi
– Prakasit Khuansuwan -JCOMP on Freepik.com


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