2012 | RANDOM

“Random” is an interactive performance suitable for festivals, community, gallery happenings and other outdoor events. It budded from the need both of promoting peace and taking action in London. On the basis that Art not only can heal the pain but also help people out, “Random” aims at rediscovering human values such as communication and emotions through daily life-experience.


The Queen of the Underworld had decided to join humankind for she is keen to learn more about it. Even if she has never been on earth before, she studied human’s behavior in order not only to approach and directly ask them about happiness, but also to experience human feelings. Thus, she sets up a stall which offers colorful envelopes containing “suggestions of happiness”, “dont’panic pills” and creative tools – such as pen and markers – which are vehicles of communication and debate.

The audience is not only asked to take part in the discussion but also to choose an envelope among the given ones. As the Queen carries on the performance, she includes the audience’s impressions and opinions, enriching her topics and filling up the “Book of Happiness”.

this is the promotional video of the very first time of the Queen on Earth. Enjoy it!