Performer • Tarot Reader • Storyteller


Performer • Tarot Reader • Storyteller

Clarity and Solutions

Using the Celtic Cross spread, I will show you which is the main knot to dissolve and provide you with a number of insights about the energies surrounding it.

💪 What are your strengths?
🪄 What is the hidden medicine within the cards?
🎯How can this challenge make you grow?

How does it Work?

write me to 📱at +39 333 6915 805
to schedule our videocall🤳 in place👉 you can also click directly on the green WhatsApp icon right below on the screen!

2⃣ PAY
According to your need, you have two options:

    30 minutes, 1 question
    1 hour, up to 3 questions
👍Your booking confirmation will take place after your payment (you can use PayPal or a transfer)

I will get in touch 10 minutes before our appointment to check that every technical detail is OK (make sure you have a good internet connection and that you can stay alone and undisturbed for the whole time)

🔮 This tarot reading starts with the Celtic Cross method (10 cards) and gives you an overview of your current situation (or about the situation you wish to know deeper).

With our following dialogue, you will find much clarity and get some tools to find the right solution!

About Me

Hi, I am Buvoland: spiritual artist, performer, wellness coach (and other stuff that I don’t write right now or you will get bored! However if you are interested to know more about me, visit the “about me” section).

Psychic Intuition and Creativity have always played together since I was a kid, giving life to a magic interviewing of adventures and skills.

I was born as a Palm Reader but life brought me to ultimately choose the Tarot, which has become a fundamental part of some of my live performances too.

Since part of my job is helping humans to find solutions to their problems, I am delighted to be able to offer you this service🙏 as a one-to-one online exchange. 

with love and empathy,
Buvoland ✨

text me at 📱+39 333 6915 805
to book your videocall🤳 or
click on the WhatsApp icon right below!

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