Hi Human Being,

it's nice to see you here! I AM

My “real” name is GIULIA BUVOLI – @buvoland on the ‘gram – and I am an interactive performer, a witch, a tarot reader, a writer, and a wellness coach.

If you are interested in MY ART, well, thanks! it means a lot to me. Right now, I am busy re-framing and rethinking everything since I am going through a profound transitional moment. The best way to support is to follow me on Instagram!

I am happy to share daily stories telling you about inspiring things, making you laugh, and – of course – loving you.

I am a trained performer coming from 7 years of artistic gymnastics (between 4 and 11 y.o); my passion for body awareness, movement, and self-expression led me to study Lecoq’s physical theatre, dance, and yoga.

I have been teaching both online and in-person since 2008 sharing my practice which I named “Wellness Theatre“.

the Hell is
Wellness Theatre!??

Buvoland for Wellness Theatre 1

How can you benefit from it??

Wellness Theatre Zoom 1

Improve your ability to deal with challenges with breath work, active imagination, and experience anatomy.

Wellness Theatre Zoom 2

Train your bodymind to avoid overdrive and stay productive with body awareness and emotional space setting.

Wellness Theatre Zoom 3

Allow Wellness Theatre to sink into your deeper tissues to bring benefit in your daily life and personal relationships.