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Hello reader, how are doing?

Today I want to share with you a great life lesson coming from my beloved theatre.
This article is slightly different from the others.
This article is a story.

Me in my beloved theatre. Photo credits go to Danila Calvi

first, the obstacle...

Once upon a time, there was a human who wanted to be free. The more he tried, the less he succeeded.

This human happened to be a lady, that is why I am going to refer to him as a “she” from now onward.
During her teenage-hood, she felt caged by the school, by rules, by all the wrongs in the society. Thus, she decided to become an artist to break free and live the life that she wanted.

Shortly after the diploma, she enrolled in a Drama Academy where – contrary to her expectations – she would have found precise, fundamental, and strict rules.

...then, freedom

In this school filled up with rules, she met a great teacher. She was proud and shy but also smart and wise. Making art requires discipline and a good amount of courage, especially with such a teacher. The school was hard and so the teachings, until one day they began to study “the character”.

The wise teacher introduced the module with one of her touching speeches. The young lady used to listen to every single word as if she could treasure it somewhere in a pocket of her soul, and perhaps that pocket was not completely a fantasy, after all.

The teacher paused. She stood steady and strong, her chest wide and her arms widespread:
“Remember that the actor faces many obstacles during the process of character making. You can only shape your character in agreement with the limits given by the author, the director, and – sometimes – by some technical issues beyond any art.

You’ll find your freedom of expression just by accepting the limitations and using them at your vantage.”

find your freedom
Ludovic Charlet on Unsplash

Back to us

How many times do you complain about all the limits that are squeezing you into this human experience? Sometimes it’s the body, sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s bureaucracy
or politics
or environmental issues
or bills
or our annoying colleagues,
our family.

How many times do you see limits as an opportunity, instead?
Life is short, my dear, short, and unpredictable. Don’t wast too much time over the problem, focus on the solution!

To this and, I have created a free MAGNIFIER to help you see limits from another prospective, and enhance solutions.

See you next Wednesday, reader!
Stay Safe

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