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Hello reader, are you OK?

Today we make order in our creative drawer.

We creators need a lot of inputs from the most disparate fields; however, too many inputs can drive us mad and too little might dull our minds.
Moreover, we tend to satisfy our curiosity with short-term satisfaction and/or pile up stuff that we will never experience because “I have no time”.
I want you to get rid of these bad habits. 

Me obviously piled up by inputs, framed by Michela Ruffo

1. list everything down (an example)

Do you like books? I too like books.

When I go to the bookshop – keep my mobile handy – I take pictures of any tempting book’s cover, then I add them to my folder “books to read” in some sort of personal wish list.

This way, I avoid the piling up of books which I would stare at with stress and an odd guilty feeling; moreover, my mind knows that there is a place where I can find interesting titles that I had previously stored because they were interesting.

Do it with everything else (every online shop or app offers – at least – a wish list and – thank God – you don’t even need to create one on your own). Easy Peasy.

2. create categories to sort lists out

Further on, create categories such as:

  • movies
  • travels
  • books
  • tools
  • podcast
  • personal growth
  • training and education (ecc)

Remember: what matters is not (only) quantity but also quality. The richest your creative palette, the better your life can be nourished.

There are plenty of free templates you can find online, try Canva ! The free version offers a wide range of nice stuff.

organise your work
Diane Helentjaris on Unsplash

3. Make a monthly budget and choose

Between “everything” and “nothing” there is your decision-making.
Choose upon your feelings or your needs, but do yourself a favour: choose!

Remember that our needs shape our aims, which highlight those areas in which we feel like investing time and energy. 

For instance, if you want to get in shape this year, you could list among the aims “finding a new sport that I like”.

  • what’s your budget?
  • what do you need to buy?
  • what do you need to cut so as to keep your finance in balance?

Tell me what are your month’s choices by making a story on Instagram and tagging the Wellness Theater School page. I am keen to know them, and I am pretty sure they could inspire others too.

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