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Hello, reader, how are you doing?
Today we are going to dust off our inner problem-solving room.
I’ll share with you 3 good tips that have been helping me to overcome obstacles and make my art projects real and also profitable.

“A dream without a plan is just a wish” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
And a problem without (at least) a solution is just a lie. 

problem solving creativity
This is me 🙂 and Michela Ruffo took this picture

1. Make your obstacles measurable

A little premise to introduce you to the scary world of obstacles. We have 2 kinds of obstacles:

  • LIONS. Those happening on a concrete level of our life, loudly manifesting themselves. They are very clear and recognisable, but also honest (yes honest because they tell you exactly what they are).
    Danger level: medium ⚠
  • SNAKES. Those sly sneaky ones, definitely deceptive (yes because they pretend they don’t exist and far from them to harm you 😈 ). 
    Danger level: high ‼

Identify which kind of obstacle you are facing, so that you will be able to find the weapon with which fight – and hopefully – win it. 
To identify an obstacle is very much similar to identify an aim; once you have named it, shaped it, and located it you can frame it. 

Hey, you are not alone, remember? I am here with you because I used to physically be where you find yourself right now. I have created “RADAR” a free tool to help you fight your obstacles. 


2. Time travel to strengthen your aim

Fighting is difficult, therefore, you need to go back to the core, anytime.
The way is long and you are vulnerable (but also marvellous).

When I get lost in the process, I just step back to the beginning.

  • why do I need to solve this problem?
  • what happens if I don’t overcome this obstacle?
Well, the following is an extra thing, that comes pretty much together with this point. My reader, you gotta need to take a break.  
problem solving
Danielle Machinnes on Unsplash

3. Don't fall into the car driver paradox

Little sad story: once upon a time, there was a car driver who wanted to travel the world…with no petrol in the engine. 

Metaphorically speaking, your body-mind is the car and your will power represents the driver.
Now, how are you supposed to solve your problems, reach your goals, and/or fulfil your dreams if your system is out of balance?

Eating, sleeping, resting, laughing, sweating, playing, jumping are the building blocks of your foundation. ✔ Check your batteries status, reader, and – for God’s sake – do like this lovely koala.

Cris Saur on Unsplash

I see you in two Wednesday!
Meanwhile, reader, don’t get swallowed by ugliness
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