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Hello reader, whoever you are: thank you!
This is the first time in a while that I write on this blog, and it is also the beginning of a totally new era, here, in Buvoland.
I have decided to focus more on personal growth.

Today we speak about “transformation and change” and how to become some sort of Jedi of the Art of Permutation both for radical and more ordinary turns.
Get ready, reader, take a seat, grab a mug of tea (or coffee) and enjoy this article!

Personal growth - become a Jedi

Yeah, that’s me and the gorgeous lady beyond the camera is Michela Ruffo!

1. Listen to yourself

Easy? Trivial? Absolutely not.
Think about the last time you chilled and carve out time to listen 360° to yourself.

This frantic society is everything except listening. However, since we are still human – after all – we need to do it anyway.
Practically, take time for your being. 

(But Giulia, I don’t have time!)
Don’t lie to yourself; we both know that you make the time that you want. 10 minutes each day are quite enough to enhance your human experience.
Any transformation is a process made of several tiny and subtle steps

Below a list of things to do. Listen up:

  • meditating
  • going for a walk in nature
  • switching off/ silencing your electronic devices
  • leaving your worries behind you 
Personal Growth - become a Jedi
Will Conrfield on Unsplash

2. Embrace everything arising

An odd systematic tendency of our habits in the western world is to neglect what we dislike
Safely enough, our clever body-mind does not care about our tastes when it is a matter of feelings. Consequently, when a “bad” feeling grows inside us, it wants to express itself and been acknowledged, at all costs.

Hence, reach out for it, reader. Check your inner mailbox and don’t trash the message with an uncomfortable content, remember: it might be the beginning of a great transformation, and it means a lot for your personal growth.

Personal Growth - become a Jedi
Mikaela Wiedenhoff on Unsplash

3. Write it write it write it

(But I can’t write Giulia!)
Uahahah this is very untrue because everyone can write.

You don’t really need to write a poem or the next best selling crime fiction, do you?!
You just need to keep a record of your self.
Easy Peasy. Nobody is going to read it except for you, OK? Safe and sound.

As I love you so much and I care about your wellbeing, I have created a free journal for your journey.
C’mon, what are you waiting for? It is digital so remember that, unless you have a tablet+pen, it is better to print it.

4. Let it rest and go back to it later

One thing is listening, another is expressing your feelings.
Another is becoming aware of yourself.
Awareness is a slow process, so relax and do not complain!
No change happens in one click.
“Click it” is ok for many nice things, not for life.

Learn from pizza! Personal growth requires time to rest and rise.

Personal Growth - become a Jedi
Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

5. Take action

As humans, we tend to resist changes. 
(What a neeeews, Giulia, don’t tell me that!)
Hey, c’mon, I have never said that I own the secret of life. I am an artist, and I am here to inspire and – hopefully – help you!

I think that no change starts in a comfort zone; discomfort instead is a mandatory path for every change maker.
So, if you are in some sort of uneasiness, take the chance to become the butterfly you want!

I see you in two Wednesday, reader!

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