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Performer • Tarot Reader • Storyteller


( make art, not war)

How the First Week in London Sounds Like

I need more coffee. Americano. Look, the people know how to make a queue! Will I find what I am looking for?
Drink water!
The Brexit is coming. Maybe, the Brexit is not coming.

I cannot sleep. God, can anybody in this house clean the f**king kitchen?!
Driiiink! The Museum of London is stunning. British Museum is phenomenal. 
Tottenham stinks. Dalston is great!
I smuggle the house. I open the window. I am in Londoon! (again)

Will I find what I am looking for? Tarots say yes. My disruptive inner-self says “absolutely no!”. People say: “go for it”! 
Panic. Anxiety. Rush. People are disconnected. People are cold. Stay focused, don’t lose control. 
Master your emotions. 
Giulia, drink more water!

I have to go to the Lidl. I catch the bus. I love buses for I can see what happens around.
I am craving chocolate. Already PMS? Yes, deal with it.
Will I find what I am looking for? Trust the Universe, meditate, practice your yoga.
Sara said I am worrying too much, my father used to say that I am not worrying enough.

Ok. Off we go. To the bank.
Pretending that this is absolutely easy and relaxing.

As NEVER-ENDING-THANK-YOU to follow me I have a gift.
A playlist. 
A collaborative Playlist (that means you can add the songs that you would like to share with us!).

All you need is a “click” on the pic!

📸 photo credits go to stunning SARA POLITI and her husband VADIM BAITCHOURIN

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