Giulia Buvoli

Suitable for personal and professional, Wellness Theatre trains people to be more flexible (both in their bodies and minds), to increase their emotional and psychological awareness, to become more resilient, and more capable to bring innovation to any area that could be in need of an extra push.

exercise for too much sitting and creativity

This method blends together some peculiar aspects of drama along with mindfulness and other physical disciplines.

Moreover, Wellness Theatre was born and grew in times of extreme unpredictability, among several languages, cultures, and solutions to find.

Thus, through this, my mission as an artist and creative, is to provide people with useful tools to deal with the great efforts that these times are demanding from everyone, in every sphere of our lives.

Wellness Theatre is the result of 15 years of teaching, researching, and theatre-making extensively in Europe.

Wellness Theatre is now online!

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