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My performances are a socially engaging mix of theatre and movement. They also encourage people to develop healthy relationships both with one-selves and with others.

Because I want to share a positive time together, my shows are also ironic and playful.
I usually employ interaction to deepen the relationship with the audience and provide them with interactive tools as well to stimulate their senses. 

2012 | RANDOM


Here, after a long way, I finally produce/ create and promote my first theatrical solo: “On the Ground”, an interactive monologue. As a result of 2 years of research and work, the script has reached a final arrangement, and the show has been enthusiastically presented to the audience (what an emotion!).


“On the Ground” is an ironic play which makes us aware of the poison in our society, but which equally allows us to experience the antidote. The audience has an opportunity to become aware of some huge paradoxes of our frantic lives. People note how our society is stupidly competitive and compulsive; they observe how our system of values is upside-down and – most importantly – they perceive the determining role of each one of us in the perpetration of this sickness.

This portrait is the narration of the protagonist, Meteora, a kind creature coming on Earth from Galaxy 3600 to gain an empirical experience of human emotions and empathy (both qualities belonging to humankind only). She has taken human form and is working in a café somewhere in Noth Italy, eager to connect and engage in authentic relationships (GOOD LUCK!)

Physical Theatre and Movement blend with words and music to bring alive characters and attitudes (hey, I just want to remind you that I am the only performer on stage, so yes, I become different people during the show. I love my job!).

Interaction, gently spread along the play, culminates in the end. People are asked to be human, to play, to talk with the stranger sat next to their chair; they are encouraged to act like real humans, to connect and share, to laugh and relax.

( Enjoy this 1-minute taste!)


A fundamental thank you goes to EJAY IVAN LAC who is the composer of the full Sound Track. You can visit his Facebook Page and/ or also listen to the tracks. YUSTON from the Elfo Studio composed too and THE UNDERSCORE ORKESTRA gave us some tracks for the finale. (I met them on the Creative Commons platform – thanks thanks thanks to them too – and we could collaborate because we live in the era of the Internet. Stunning, isn’t it?!).

Inspirations came from Charlie Chaplin’s Modern TimesLa Belle Verte (The Green Beautiful), a film written and directed by stunning Coline Serreau and The Empathic Civilization, a non-fiction book by the great Jeremy Rifkin (if you have not had the chance yet, read/ watch them all!) 








As you can see from the picture above, I am splitting apart. In Dialogue is a Lecture Performance with the aim of raising awareness not only about FGM but also about the westerns’ perception of the body, through ages. It is a complex joint venture where I put my art at the service of other people. (To know more about Partners, scroll down).


“In Dialogue” challenges the audience to exit one’s comfort zone; to be honest with you, it literally pushes you out of it. Based on a dissertation by Valentina Pacella, “In Dialogue” explores the perception of both our body and women’s role from two opposite point of views.

It is a lecture performance where two scholars share and discuss several topics related to FGM (I perform both!). The audience empathizes with both of them and loses the concept that truth is an absolute idea. The aim is to inform and explore several sides of the same medal, to raise awareness about paradoxes in our society (who are we to judge other people behaviors? Why do not investigate our behaviors first?!).


A wonderful team of young scholars helped out during the first part of the job: the research. Valentina Pacella (also a member of CRISALIDI, one of the project’s partners) gave me her dissertation as starting point; Giovanna Capponi and Luca Delle Piane played a fundamental role from London and San Paulo (thanks to the Internet we could work remotely). Professor Cecilia Gallotti also demonstrated interest and shared precious information.

In order to find the characters’ attitudes and in order to employ the scenic space at its best I spent a lot of time into movement research. Have a taste and enjoy it!

Have another taste of In Dialogue! (unfortunately, the entire video ruined and I can only show you this pictures).



2012 | RANDOM

“Random” is an interactive performance suitable for festivals, community, gallery happenings and other outdoor events. It budded from the need both of promoting peace and taking action in London. On the basis that Art not only can heal the pain but also help people out, “Random” aims at rediscovering human values such as communication and emotions through daily life-experience.


The Queen of the Underworld had decided to join humankind for she is keen to learn more about it. Even if she has never been on earth before, she studied human’s behavior in order not only to approach and directly ask them about happiness, but also to experience human feelings. Thus, she sets up a stall which offers colorful envelopes containing “suggestions of happiness”, “dont’panic pills” and creative tools – such as pen and markers – which are vehicles of communication and debate.

The audience is not only asked to take part in the discussion but also to choose an envelope among the given ones. As the Queen carries on the performance, she includes the audience’s impressions and opinions, enriching her topics and filling up the “Book of Happiness”.

this is the promotional video of the very first time of the Queen on Earth. Enjoy it!

Some of this projects are still in progress, others are ready for an audience.

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