This service is a one to one opportunity and it works for you if you need to focus on:

    Either for professional or personal.
    I can help you to shift your point of view and to find another approach when you are feeling stuck.
    I can assist the development of your project supporting you with tools and tips.


    I can guide you through a personal journey of transformation to develop an effective awareness of your body, mind, and feelings.
    You might desire to restore/find inner peace as well as work on some specific area or issue.
    The keywords are: listening, creative acts, and together.

how does it work?

  1. You can write to explain to me why would you like to undertake these sessions and your questions.

  2. Within 1 working day you will receive my answer with information and my availability to book a free introductory conversation on Skype.

  3. Then, you can choose between three options:

    1 SESSION, 1 hour long, 80£

    5 SESSIONS, 1 hour long, 350£

    10 SESSIONS, 1 hour long, 600£

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