1 hour and 30 minutes

       all levels are welcome


  • 18 – 19.30   CET/ SAST
  •  9 – 10.30   PST
  • 12 – 13.30   EDT
  • 17 – 18.30   UTC

Can't you make it?

No problem! We will send you the link for the replay ▶ *

*the link will stay available for 7 days

How does it work?

We begin this class with an inquiring meditation to connect so that everyone can choose one’s own intention to “plant”.

We are going to use a precious technique coming from the Lecoq Method (physical theatre) to start our journey with the element of earth.

Here we are! Ready to move and learn a sequence that:

👉 challenges our balance
👉 activates the muscles
👉 encourages
to find your uniqueness through movement

4⃣ RELEASE + journaling
The final chapter is to find a profound relaxation both physical and mental. After moving, we fade into stillness in order to listen carefully to what arises.

A body scan completes the resting from which we slowly come out. As a final closing moment, everyone can write on one’s journal under my guidance. 

Writing is personal and this is not a writing workshop! We just use this tool to go deeper into ourselves with the language of images and the stream of our consciousnesses

💰 Earth Day Price

27 €

23 €

for any inquiry, write at 📬 giulia.buvoli@gmail.com

What is the Wellness Theatre School anyway??

it's a mix of

Founded by Giulia Buvoli, an international performer and educator, the school aims at fostering wellbeing through a blend of several techniques, among the others, physical theatre and yoga.

The Wellness Theatre School has extensively been active for more than 10 years with communities, corporations, children and adults of many places and faiths.

c'mon, what are you waiting for??

💰 Earth Day Price

27 €

23 €

for any inquiry, write at 📬 giulia.buvoli@gmail.com

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