Giulia Buvoli – Performing Artist

I have been teaching since 2005 moved by my endless passion toward body awareness and creative expression. I am committed to empowering people – as individual and community – through fun experiences of self-discovery and sharing. I believe theatre is a powerful way to find our uniqueness, to express our deeper self and, therefore, to find our freedom.

I am delighted to be at the service of Cultural Organisations, ONG, Educational Institution, Theatres and so forth in order to join our ventures and positively contribute to our environment.

This workshop is designed to fit a socially engaging project. Lecoq, Spatial Analysis and Oppressed Theatre are blended together to dramatize our emotions and devise a final play. 

Suitable for festivals and art schools, this method is aimed at challenging the perception and the use of our body to stage our characters and inanimate/ abstract elements as well.

This is an instructional opportunity for school teachers to deeply engage their students in the learning process.  Drama and active imagination team up to develop empathy.

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