Giulia Buvoli – Performing Artist

Hi! If you has not done it yet, I suggest you to take a quick tour to know more about my art.

I consider collaboration a core concept to make any good piece of art; I love to put myself at service of other artists/ projects.

What can I do for/ with you?

  • I can perform, interpreting your script under your direction. 
    I am passionate about giving voice and body at someone else’s ideas; furthermore, I enjoy the subtle work of tuning into each others. Reaching the final result it’s invaluable.

  •  I can direct other performers, if you have an idea or you are looking for someone who knows how to deal with several inputs and coordinate a group toward a common aim.

  • I can take a project and help you realising it, because I am a nerd and I love social media marketing, organisation, self-promotion, independent art. (I have built this website with tons of passion and hard work!)

Get in touch, let’s talk about everything!

I will be happy to share more information about my work, past experiences and whatever you need… and we can also have a cup of coffe together, no matter the distance between us, because we live in the Internet Era and Skype allows us to do this kind of things! 

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