Giulia Buvoli

Compared to other practices, where the trasformative process is silent and intimate, Wellness Theatre is the moment for students to stop and frame a portion of their never-ending inner flow.

They pick some emotions from within and bring them on the surface, generating awareness.
Eventually, they consciously mould their inner material with a touch of creativity and self-expression

As a fundamental feature of theatre is sharing, Wellness Theatre encourages community building and, ultimately, healing.

🛠 Tools

  • Physical theatre (Lecoq, Commedia dell’Arte)
  • Creative movement
  • Yoga
  • Creative writing
  • Drama (devised theatre and impro)
  • Sensorial Theatre

✔ benefits

  • body awareness
  • emotional awareness
  • community building
  • healing
  • laughing
  • good vibes boosting

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