Performer • Tarot Reader • Storyteller


Performer • Tarot Reader • Storyteller

1-hour journey to RECONNECT with your BODY and its wisdom.

Difficult times like those we are going through, require us to be centred in order to understand what are our needs.

Considering the huge crisis we are living, we also need to often regulate our nervous system rather than keep it in arousal mode.

These meditations offer you a safe space where you can gather your energy and nourish your soul to calm your body-mind and be able to RESPOND to challenges rather than REACT.

How does a lesson work?

We begin our journey by connecting with the season in which we are; precisely, we align with the main of the four elements ruling the period according to the zodiac sign of the month.

👉 for instance: September is ruled by Virgo, an Earth Sign, which asks us to slow down and get organized for the months ahead. 

The sense of anxiety and disconnection that we often feel comes from the clash between the Natural Cycle VS the Cultural (capitalistic) Cycle.

Our BODIES are made of flesh and blood responding to the laws of physics!

While Autumn 🍂 is a time for slowing down, the cultural trend often pushes us to buy more, get back to school, increase sales, and go faster after the summer break 🥴

This creates a huge inner contradiction!

Every month we will explore different poses with the aim of relaxing specific targeted areas of the body in relation to the main energies around the time.

👉 Prepare for:

  • long breathing exercises and techniques
  • deep dives into the pose with a playlist 🎧 created for you to play ▶ in the comfort of your home during the class
  • aligning with a higher sense 🕉 of belonging 

I will guide you through a total body relaxation which will tune you with the frequency of sleeping 😴

✨ I will send you each lesson REPLAY for you to practice as much as you wish! ✨

What time?

⌚ check your timezone ⌚

21.00 – 22.00 CEST/ SAST

20.00 – 21.00 BST/ WEST

12.00 – 13.00 PDT

15.00 – 16.00 EDT

text me directly on WhatsApp📱 333 6915805
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Hi, I introduce myself better: my name is Giulia Buvoli and I am a trained performer coming from 7 years of artistic gymnastics (between 4 and 11 y.o); my passion for body awareness, movement, and self-expression led me to study Lecoq’s physical theatre, dance, and yoga.

I have been teaching both online and in-person since 2008 sharing my practice which I named “Wellness Theatre“.

How can you benefit from it?

Wellness Theatre Zoom 1

Improve your ability to deal with challenges with breath work, active imagination, and experience anatomy.

Wellness Theatre Zoom 2

Train your bodymind to avoid overdrive and stay productive with body awareness and emotional space setting.

Wellness Theatre Zoom 3

Allow Wellness Theatre to sink into your deeper tissues to bring benefit in your daily life and personal relationships.

text me directly on WhatsApp📱 333 6915805
👉 or click on the icon on your right

What do YOU say?

text me directly on WhatsApp📱 333 6915805
👉 or click on the icon on your right

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