Giulia Buvoli

I am Giulia Buvoli, an Italian performing artist, extensively active in Europe since 2005.
I am passionate about bringing theatre in non-theatrical environments to share its benefits.

When I am not travelling to teach and perform, you can find me in the gorgeous Trebbia Valley, where I connect with nature, recharge and spend some time with my family (so far my partner, our two cats and our lovely weird friends).

applied drama and workshops

team-building, teenagers, children and adults

My endless passion for empowerment led me to mould a theatre which helps and inspires communities and groups.
Among the others, my recent most successful projects are:

  • “Water Free For All” (it. Acqua Libera Tutti), an educational theatre experience winner of the Young Projects Prize in 2015. The project ran in several primary schools in collaboration with NGO Africa Mission – Cooperation and Development. 
  • Wellness Theatre, drama for team-building and personal growth, has been awarded by European funds “Entrusting Young People” (it. Garanzia Giovani) distributed by the region Emilia Romagna, Italy.

theatre and performance

my early stages between Milan and London

I have started working when I was still a student at the Arsenale School of Lecoq Method, in Milan, where I also worked as an actress, directed by Marina Spreafico. My first group performance participated at Triennale Cadorna “Uovo Performing Arts Festival” in 2007.

My first co-production “Three Woman and the Shell” (it. Tre Donne e la Conchiglia”), a play inspired by Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, was chosen for the Erotic Festival at ATIR, Milan, in 2008. The play has been featured on the Italian national newspaper “La Repubblica” and promoted by Radio Popolare.

Between 2001 and 2013, I lived in London where, among the other things, I worked with Rhiannon Faith, an emerging choreographer now residential at Barbican Theatre; I also produced and performed my first interactive performance Random , which internationally toured in Parma and Piacenza (Italy), Brno (Czech Republic) and Barcelona (Spain) between 2012 and 2018.

👉 to go deeper and know my most recent work, visit this website section Theatre and Performance.


Personal growth - become a Jedi
writing creative act

Well, if you have scrolled down to this point, there is just a thing to say: thank you!

Can I send you some special virtual letters? I promise 🤚 to respect your time and to uplift you, always.

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